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The CBF600 is a middleweight motorcycle made by Honda.

What is CBF?

The Honda CBF models are a series of Honda standard motorcycles. With the exception of the single-cylinder CBF125, CBF150M, CBF190R and CBF250, all CBF motorbikes have inline engines.


CBF125 (2008–2018)

CBF150M (2005-2012)

CBF190R (2015–present)

CBF250 (2004–2012)




CBF500 (2004–2008)


CBF600 (2004–present)

CBF1000 (2006–present)

HJC i90


The CBF600 is a middleweight motorcycle made by Honda. There are 2 models in the family, CBF600N is the ‘naked’ version and CBF600S is the half faired one, the differences consisting just in the front fairing and headlamp block.

First generation (2004–2007) – code PC38

The older CB500 middleweight motorcycle was not compliant with the European emission standards, so Honda introduced a new design based on existing Hornet engine and gave it a look meant to inspire safety and to appeal returning riders, new riders or women.

The EURO2 standards are met, while ABS is optional (factory assembly) on both naked and half-faired models. A centre stand comes standard with the ABS version only. The seat is adjustable with 3 positions, while the windscreen has also 2 positions meeting most riders’ demands. The gearbox and the engine are optimised for smooth power delivery. 4 colours were offered for the faired version- black, dolphin grey, pearl red and metallic blue.

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